Stripers & Hybrids – Percy Priest Lake

March through December are great months for Striper fishing on Percy Priest.

Percy Priest Lake is located in Tennessee approximately eight miles east of Nashville. At normal summer pool (el. 490.0) it has 14,400 acres, is 42 miles long with 265 miles of shore line. Operated by the Corps of Engineers, it is a very clean lake and since there are no homes built adjacent to the lake, it retains a pristine wilderness look.

It’s my GO-TO lake!

Percy Priest is among the best fishing lakes in the country.

We are so blessed in Middle Tennessee to have such a great striper fishery. Biologists say that fish of this size feed daily so by adapting to different type shad spawns, depths, water temperatures, and other seasonal patterns, we are able to enjoy some great fishing right here in Nashville. I have so much confidence in this lake because trip after trip it produces happy customers.

Fun Time On The Water!

By now you are probably sensing how much fun Percy Priest Lake is and how much I love fishing here. As you have heard, the fishing is great, but we want to add more to your fishing experience. We don’t want you to have just a good day, we want you to have a great, fun day. During the peak fishing times of day we will focus on fishing, but as we get out of those peak times, there are other things you can enjoy. For example, we can anchor out in a secluded cove and break for lunch. And during the summer, kids (and the big kids too) really enjoy swimming. For you hard core fisherman we will run, gun and fish your whole trip. For everyone else we like to work in fishing, swimming, eating and having fun. Our only goal is to make this the most fun fishing trip you have ever been on.

Great Fishing – Billy

Best Price Guarantee

Half Trip Special

Stripers & Hybrids – Percy Priest Lake

$190 – 1 Person

2 Person  $240
3 Person  $290
4 Person  $340
5 Person  $390
6 Person  $440
7 Person  $490
8 Person  $540

Full Trip Special

Stripers & Hybrids – Percy Priest Lake

Fish Up to 3 People
The Same Price as 1
Up to 2 People Fish Free

1 Person  $375
2 Person  $375
3 Person  $375
4 Person  $475
5 Person  $575
6 Person  $675
7 Person  $775
8 Person  $875

Sometimes fish bite better in the mornings and sometimes they bite better in the afternoons. No one knows why or what days this will happen. Most of our regular customers will get one morning trip & one afternoon trip this way they have it covered. You can do a morning & afternoon trip in the same day or do them on different days.

  • Morning or evening trips available.
  • We also have a nice large boat that can fish up to 8 people.
  • For trips with over 8 people check out our Group Trips page.

Questions or Reservations
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