Crappie Fishing in Nashville, TN

Percy Priest Lake Crappie Fishing

By changing patterns you can catch Crappie year-round on Percy Priest lake.  Crappie usually eat daily just like we do to survive.  In the March 2013 edition of Tennessee Sportsman, TWRA Biologist Todd St. John said, “J. Percy Priest is definitely our best crappie lake in the region.” TWRA, our local wildlife agency, has done a super job managing the Crappie on Priest.  Last year was the best year for Crappie that anyone can remember.  With a minimum size limit for keepers being 10”, it gives the smaller Crappie time to grow and spawn.  Most trips, we will catch good numbers of crappie It is not uncommon to catch a limit of Crappie.  Our crappie guides are some of the best in the country.  They are tournament winners who know the best techniques to put Crappie in your cooler for the time of year you are fishing.  They have over 5000 GPS marked spots from one end of the lake to the other – deep spots, shallow spots, spots on flats and drops.  You can’t find harder working guides anywhere.  Bring a cooler with ice to take your catch home.  At times people take home more Crappie than they can clean.  Please only take what you need & release the rest.  This will help keep this the best Crappie lake in the region.

The Spring Spawn

For the crappie fisherman the spawn is an exciting time.  In the spring Crappie start coming up from the depths where they have been hiding all winter.  When the water starts to warm, and the days are getting longer it triggers the Crappie to start their spawn.  The spawn usually starts around the first day of spring around March 21st, it goes through a few phases and last about a month through the 3rd week in April.  During this time span I recommend you fish at least once a week to make sure you catch the spawn.  I hear so many people say they missed the spawn this year and the large stringer of Crappie it usually produces.  What happen was they waited until the Crappie were supposed to come up to 3’ of water and lay their eggs and it didn’t happen like that.  We have a huge advantage over most, we fish almost every day and we know what the Crappie are doing and where they are.  We simply start fishing where we caught them yesterday.  It’s fishing anything can happen, but this gives us a good place to start. Book your trips early the spawn always books up.

The Stable Summer

During the spawn Crappie go through several phases and are in several different depths of water.  After the spawn things stabilize, they go to their summer homes.  They hang out here all summer and are very predictable.  This is some of the best Crappie fishing all year.  As stated earlier we fish almost every day, and this gives us a huge advantage.  At times they may be transitioning, but we always start out the way we caught them the day before.  Book some trips this summer the consistent trips will get you spoiled.

The Fall

As the water starts to cool the Crappies natural bait fish start moving.  As the bait fish move guess what, the Crappie move also.  This can be trying times for a lot of anglers.  For the fisherman who only fishes once every couple of weeks he must be dumfounded.   He thinks they disappeared, where did they go?  I know how this feels because I have been there.  Over the years you just figure things like this out.  The Crappie moving doesn’t just happen overnight, but it does happen over a few days.  By us being on the water every day we can tell something is going on and we know it’s fall.  When the fall transition starts, we know exactly what is going on and where they went last year.  At this point we change locations and techniques.  It’s fishing, but these days we can usually make this transition very well.  So, now that you know how the fall transition works don’t be afraid of the fall.  These Crappie can be some of the biggest we catch all year.

Special Fall Crappie Trip

For someone wanting to stay close to Nashville or someone who likes to catch good numbers of Crappie, stay on Percy Priest in the fall.  But if you are someone who likes to catch Big Fat Blacknose Crappie check this out.

Starting the first day of fall around September 22nd Normandy Lake is fantastic for the fisherman wanting to catch large Crappie.  Normandy is not known for big numbers of Crappie like Percy Priest, but it is known for Big Fat Blacknose Crappies.  Normandy is a little over an hour south east of Nashville off Interest 24 and is well worth the drive.  We have been fishing Normandy for many years and have developed a proven big crappie method.  It is not uncommon for the Crappie to be in the 15” range.  Our regular customers who fish Percy Priest with us all year are always excited about the fall trips to Normandy.  Normandy Pricing is the same as Priest except we only do 6 & 8 hour trips on Normandy.  Book some trips for the fall on Normandy you will get addicted.



Crappie Fishing is fun for all, young and seniors alike. For most of us, our earliest memories were watching a float and the excitement of seeing it go down. Well, it is the same for me today. I enjoy hearing the kids yell, “It’s Gone” today as much as I did when I yelled it as a kid myself many years ago. You know, I enjoy hearing the adults yell it just as much too. As with most people, I prefer Crappie on my dinner plate. I can’t think of any fish that makes as good of table fair as Crappie. Grab a kid or get a few of your buddies to share a fun trip Crappie Fishing.

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Crappie Trips on Percy Priest Lake

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Nice Large Boats Can Fish 4 People!

$275 – 4 Hours
$325 – 6 Hours
$375 – 8 Hours*

(Above rates are for 1 or 2 people, add $50 each for additional anglers)

* For our Crappie trips the 8-hour trip is our customers favorite by far.  Some days the Crappie bite better in the morning & some days they bite better in the afternoon.  With the 8-hour trip you have the bite covered.  You simply have more time to put more Crappies in your cooler and everyone loves to eat Crappie.  We usually fish until lunch time then go to the restaurant at the marina for a sit-down meal, use the restroom then back to catching Crappie.

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