Fishing Trips for Large Groups

  • Company Employees
  • Company Clients
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Bachelorette Parties

We can fish up to 100 people at once and 200 people in a single day!

Group trips are fished on Percy Priest Lake located in Nashville, TN approximately eight miles east of Nashville by the airport. Let us customize an event to fit your specific group. We can put on a tournament between all of your boats, provide trophies for MOST FISH, BIGGEST FISH and SMALLEST FISH. The latter always gets the most laughs. Awarding trophies after the trip at the boat ramp or during a lunch at the marina. On request, we will provide packed lunches for your trip or will schedule a sit down lunch in a restaurant at one of the marinas on the lake. Give us a call for a quote on your trip.


Group Fishing Trip Rates

Questions or Reservations Call Billy Flatt (615) 812-2091

  • Morning or evening trips available.
  • Nice boats.

Fun, Team Building Opportunity

Many companies use our trips as team building exercises. The nature of Striper fishing is where everyone on the boat is considered as one (the team). It is not about: “I did this, I caught this: it is we caught or we won”. Let me tell you a short story about one of my trips. I fished the head of personnel of a large company. She loved the team aspect of how we fish. For example, one person drives the boat to the fishing spot (the guide). Another may dip out the live bait, another baits the hooks, another sets the lines, another nets the fish, then someone takes a photo of the entire group holding the catch. It is truly a team event. She said:

“This is the best team building exercise I have ever seen and I’m going to send four of our employees at a time until you have fished everyone in our company.”

After I fished several groups of their employees, she called me. She said the morale of the company had improved 100%. The employees had put pictures of the trip on computers as screen savers. She said the talk around the office was all about what we did!

Call Billy 615-812-2091 and we will customize your trips to fit your specific needs.