Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring on the trip?

Just a small cooler with drinks & snacks, we have everything else.

Do you always catch fish?

Not always, but we usually do.

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes, after you book your trip you will receive a confirmation email. There will be a link to our local wildlife office where you can get them online or you can get them at a local Walmart or any tackle store.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 15 day cancellation policy.

Can I keep fish? (Striper Fishing)

You will have two options on Percy Priest & Tims Ford, catch & release or catch & keep.  We encourage catch & release to help maintain the fishery.  This is when you catch a fish you get a photo of you with the fish then we release the fish back into the water.  With this method you will be able to continue to fish your entire trip.  The second option is catch & keep.  This is when you catch a fish, you are welcome to keep the fish.  Bring a cooler with ice on the boat & you can put your catch in your cooler & take them home with you.  With the catch & keep option when you have caught your legal limit of fish your trip will be over.  Trips on the Cumberland River are all catch & release.

Can I keep fish? (Crappie Fishing)

Yes, you are welcome to keep the fish.  We will have a place to put the fish on the boat, but bring a cooler with ice.  You can leave it in your truck and use it to transport your fish home.

Do you clean the fish?

No, we no longer can do any type of food processing.

Do you run party boats where you mix people?

No, our charters are private charters. There will only be you and you guest onboard.

Do I need to bring my own rods & reels or bait?

No, we have everything all you need to bring is a small cooler with drinks & snacks.

What if we encounter inclement weather?

Safety is our primary concern. In inclement weather where safety is an issue fishing trips may be rescheduled if possible or cancelled if the captain deems necessary.

Where do you recommend I stay in the area?

There are several places to stay, after booking your guide will be calling you. Tell him all your plans while you are here. He will be able to recommend the best places to stay to meet all your needs.