Trophy Stripers On The Cumberland River

October 1st through December 31st are great months for fishing on the Cumberland River.

The Cumberland River in Nashville, TN is world famous for trophy Stripers. This is where the Tennessee state record was caught and weighed in at a whopping 65 pounds 6 ounces. The river is extraordinarily fertile. It grows Big Bellied Stripers like they are on steroids. These big bruisers aren’t gentle in any way. We fish for them with heavy rods and heavy line. Once a Striper reaches 40 pounds, it is almost impossible to control with conventional tackle and it becomes a different animal. This may be the biggest freshwater fish you will ever catch. Once we hooked a Monster Striper, it took off upstream and wouldn’t stop. I got the boat turned around and chased it down before it nearly spooled us. It took out over 400’ of line before you could say “giddy-up”. You have heard all the terms: Drag Screaming, Rod Bending and Reel Smoking. Well, it was all going on. You may think you have heard all the expletives associated with such an event. Well, let me tell you, there were phases shouted that I’m not sure were even English. After a considerable amount of time we landed this big belled pig. It weighed in at 60 pounds. At first we thought we had broken the record. Close, but no cigar. We did release this fish so it will continue to grow and we are certain there is a new state or maybe even a world record currently swimming in these waters. The current record will fall and we are determined to guide one of our clients to that top spot.

Great Fishing – Billy


Cumberland River
Trophy Fishing

$425 Special

Full Trip on Cumberland River
Fish 1-3 People

4 Person – $525
5 Person – $625
6 Person – $725

Sometimes fish bite better in the mornings and sometimes they bite better in the afternoons. No one knows why or what days this will happen. Most of our regular customers will get one morning trip & one afternoon trip this way they have it covered. You can do a morning & afternoon trip in the same day or do them on different days.

  • Morning or evening trips available.
  • We also have a nice large boat that can fish up to 6 people.

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Cabins on the Lake

I have not stayed in these cabins, however before I would recommend them to my customers I did visit them. I also meet with the owner Steve Jessen. He was very nice and gave me a tour of all of his cabins. I was impressed with Steve and the cleanliness and the location of the cabins. He has four cabins in one area; Heron’s Landing, Moonlit Bay, Fernwood and Slayden House. I believe you will enjoy your stay at Old Hickory Lake Cabins. I have worked out special pricing with Steve for Nashville Fishing Charters Clients. Be sure to tell Steve you are fishing with us and ask for special pricing. OLD HICKORY LAKE CABINS – 1 (615) 406-2531